Dance Classes Gold Coast

Welcome to Gwen Wilson's First Position Ballet School! 


We are one of the premier Dance Schools in the Gold Coast offering all genres of dance for all ages including:

  • Ballet - Borovansky and Vaganova Methods

  • Contemporary

  • Jazz 

  • Tap

  • Hip Hop

  • Musical Theatre

  • Acro


No matter your age, we promote fitness, well-being, structure and the simple joys of physical expression through movement. Our fully qualified teachers provide a nurturing, warm, caring and happy learning environment.

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Why Choose First Position Dance School? 


Dancing provides a crucial role in the development of your children. It boosts kinaesthetic, interpersonal and intrapersonal skills of your children. 

With proper training principles and the right attitude, our talented and experienced trainers create connections with each member of their class.

In no time, you will see them forming bonds with their classmates and being more confident in their own capabilities through building their skill base, fitness,  strength and growing as individuals.

Because dancing requires self-control, your children are guaranteed to develop a strong sense of discipline. We understand that it takes time, energy and discipline to hone skills and talents in a safe environment.

Affordable Dance Classes for All


We offer training for people from all walks of life. We believe that dancing and the passion to learn should not be hindered by expensive fees. This is why we make sure that our lessons are accessible to everyone. With affordable prices, we can impart our expertise to people with the same passion.

Let your children experience the joy of dancing with our professional and talented instructors. Check our website for more. Better yet, get in touch with us for your enquiries on our classes, schedules, fees and more.

The Importance of Dancing


Since time immemorial, dancing has always been an integral part in any civilization. Whether for ritualistic purposes or for performing arts, this art form is an integral part in virtually all cultures worldwide. It is an important aspect of personal, social and cultural development. This activity also promotes social and cultural awareness, especially for children, teens and even for parents.

Aside from its cultural significance, dancing is also a way of expressing oneself. Dancers use their bodies to convey emotions and thoughts using varied movements. This artistic activity also promotes better health and a more dynamic lifestyle that the current generation needs.

For the love of dance, join   -   0421 581 475  -  Ashmore