Ballet Classes on the Gold Coast


Since the Renaissance period until the present generation, the classical art of ballet has never failed to captivate adults and children. As a prestigious and elegant dance genre, many people are enthralled and impressed by the graceful movements that only svelte dancers can perform on stage. Such magnificent performances inspired many people, including parents and children, to admire this artform to a point that they want to learn this dance themselves.

At Gwen Wilson's First Position Ballet, we ensure that your children are taught only by professional ballet instructors who are accomplished dancers themselves. In just a fraction of the price, your children can acquire the skills and knowledge about this classical dance. What’s more, we provide a warm and nurturing environment where children are free to explore and learn the joy and wonders of using their bodies for communication.

An Admirable Dance Form

As a creative outlet, dancing has always been an integral part of the cultural fabric in every civilisation. Just as painters use their brushes and paints to create masterpieces in visual arts, dancers use their body as the main instrument to communicate a specific message to their audience. Amongst its various forms, ballet is considered one of the most challenging, yet, graceful and artistic, making it a popular choice for kids. With their nimble and highly trainable bodies, children can sustain the rigorous but rewarding training to become full-fledged ballerinas and ballerinos.

By enrolling your kids in these classes, they can learn more than just gracefulness, coordination and discipline. They will also learn the importance of teamwork and social skills. This art form is also a method to keep themselves lithe and fit. When learned at a young age, your child can grow into a highly confident and sociable adult oozing with poise and elegance in every movement. These qualities can mould them into fulfilled, successful and accomplished adults.

Benefits for Your Child

Dancing is more than a simple artistic expression. It provides a wide range of benefits for your body and mind. Below are some of the benefits your child can get when enrolling in these classes:

  • Excellent physical and mental health

  • Disciplined mind

  • Well-toned muscles

  • Great mind and body coordination

  • Enhanced self-esteem, teamwork and social skills

  • Possible profitable professional career

Why Enrol in Our Dance School?

Accomplished Instructors

Our team of instructors are competent and equipped to teach different forms of musical expression. They are trained in various types of performances. As a result, they are more than capable of teaching children and guiding them towards greatness.

Superb Learning Environment

We train kids, teens and even adults from all walks of life. With our love and dedication to dancing, we make sure our students will learn the right steps and movements. Partnered with state-of-the-art facilities, you’re guaranteed that your kids will be developed in a school that prioritises their growth as artistic achievements.

Interested in enrolling your child? Contact Gwen Wilson's First Position Ballet today. For more information, feel free to browse the site and discover more about the wonderful world of dancing and performing arts.