Enrolments -Term 1

To enrol for term 1 -  Saturday 12th  February 2022

New Students only

Please click on the link below and fill out  a general student enrolment  form  and submit it to us on enrolment day or via email. 

You do not need to submit the form if you have already completed one  this year and your  details have not changed.


All Students

Please choose the class or classes you wish to attend and compete the application  form for that class.

Please submit this form with your payment on enrolment day.


Links to all class forms can be found below


    Pre-primary                    Grade 3           


 Grade 5                Grade 6                  

Dance Classes

Classes available for all levels and ages including Adult Classes
Syllabus available -  AICD and Vaganova
Hip Hop

Dancing is a healthy activity for kids and adults alike. It’s not just a form of exercise – it’s a creative outlet for the young ones to enjoy! First Position Ballet offers a variety of dance classes, including:

  • Ballet – This classical dance characterised by light, graceful, fluid movements for artistic expression

  • Contemporary – This type of dance is one of the most popular genres in the world. It combines the technical technique of ballet with the free-flowing nature of improvisational dance.

  • Tap – Tap dance relies on the percussion sound made by dance shoes tapping on the floor. This genre is perfect for people who want to enjoy the musicality of dance.

  • Jazz – Jazz dance focuses on the performance aspect of dance.

  • Hip-Hop – This genre is a type of street dance that primarily uses hip-hop music.


Give your kids a chance to get their body moving and cultivate a wide range of skills. Enrol now!